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Book #5: Blood Money Trilogy Part I -

Crying Moon


The Tears of the Moon are weapons of destruction, capable of turning entire planets into tombs. A very dangerous man by the name of Mason Duboise knows of them, and as a former Imperial Intelligence and StarCom double agent, Mason is no stranger to duplicity. In the wrong social class, he has wept his own tears as he was forced to deny his son and his wife by the laws of the Red Empire of Mars.


He has a plan to steal the weapons, and sell them to the highest bidder, but life in the Age of Secession is never so straightforward. In the galactic south, a new threat is stirring, the xeno-religious extremists of the Suularitsaar. These extremist humanists dream of forming their own nation on hatred; a hatred not just of the augmented borg, but of even the more moderate unaugmented human.


To unite the family he has denied for so long, Mason Duboise will see billions cry as a result of what he plans. The Tears of the Moon will weep freely down the face of the colonised galaxy, even as Mason faces the assassin with no face to call his own.

Prepare for the Tears to flow.

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