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Book #4: Vindicator Trilogy  - Full Compilation


This compilation book contains the first three books in the Age of Secession series, within the Vindicator Trilogy, in full and unabridged. This brings together the novels Dissolution, Rosicrux and Shadow, telling the full story of James Gavain and his Vindicator Mercenary Corporation.


The Battle for Mars has been fought and won, and the False Emperor lies shot in the head in the ruins of the Red Palace. The rebellion is over, its purpose apparently complete. Little were the participants to suspect that it was merely the beginning of a whole new age of suffering and strife, as the Red Empire shatters into pieces, and civilisation falls and begin anew. New alliances, treacheries, aspirations and failures shape the future of mankind. The Age of Secession has begun.


The Red Empire and the Praetorian Guard are in Dissolution;


The Rosicrux are following their secret plans to weaken the new House nations;


And the threat of the Shadow is rising, ready to emerge from the darkness beyond the Frontier …..

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