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The idea behind the Age of Secession series is that you can read them in (almost) any order - read the trilogies or mini-series as you want, or read them in numbered release order - its your choice!
#1 : Vindicator Trilogy - Part I : Dissolution

Commander James Gavain has inherited command of his own ship, and into the maelstrom of the Dissolution of the Praetorian Guard he struggles to find a new future for his people. Lost and wondering where he is to go, and what he is to do, he is just one of many genetically-engineered creations who find they have destroyed their own reason for existence.

#2 : Vindicator Trilogy - Part II : Rosicrux


As pirates swamp the Eastern Segment, preying on the weak, a pattern begins to emerge. All is not as it seems. Whilst his ships engage on a contract which plunges the mercenary company into a conspiracy far deeper than could be imagined, Ulrik Andryukhin leads the marines on a ground campaign which exposes the darker side of humanity – intolerance for anything that is different. The old enmity between the augmented and the unaugmented is running strong, and genocide is the preferred solution.

#3 : Vindicator Trilogy - Part III : Shadow


The Lord James Gavain has surprised the galaxy with his actions, and is seen very much as a hero. He attempts to build a new nation and a better future, taking in refugees from the many battles and wars throughout the seceding Houses, trading on the mercenary ability of his comrades and what appears to be the advanced technology he has recovered, yet he finds that there is a limit to how honourable one can be and still rule a post-Imperial House.

#4 : Vindicator Trilogy - Full Compilation : Vindicator


This compilation book contains the first three books in the Age of Secession series, within the Vindicator Trilogy, in full and unabridged. This brings together the novels Dissolution, Rosicrux and Shadow, telling the full story of James Gavain and his Vindicator Mercenary Corporation.

#5 : Blood Money Trilogy - Part I : Crying Moon


The Tears of the Moon are weapons of destruction, capable of turning entire planets into tombs. A very dangerous man by the name of Mason Duboise knows of them, and as a former Imperial Intelligence and StarCom double agent, Mason is no stranger to duplicity. In the wrong social class, he has wept his own tears as he was forced to deny his son and his wife by the laws of the Red Empire of Mars.

#6 : Blood Money Trilogy - Part II : Blood Feud


As the Red Empire of Mars collapsed into Dissolution, it was not just the corrupt and devious Houses that flourished in the sudden vacuum of power. The underworld strengthened their grip all throughout the colonised galaxy, taking advantage of the corruption of Imperial Law. Criminal gangs fighting for territory inevitably begin to cross boundaries. Some parts of the galaxy are just too small for them all to co-exist.

#7 : Blood Money Trilogy - Part III : Cost of the Hunt

A bounty hunter with a long, deep past interwoven with that of the Red Empire of Mars and its many challengers dares to dream that he can have his birth-right after centuries of denial. He accepts the contract, and will lead the hunt, looking for something only he could ever find. His payment will be the return of some of what the True Emperor took from him.

#8 : Blood Money Trilogy - Full Compilation : Blood Money

The Blood Money Trilogy follows the story of a spy from the Red Empire desperate to unite a family forced to deny their existence; an assassin with no face to call his own; and a bounty hunter who has spent a lifetime ignoring the greatest hunt of all. In the name of money, family, and power old blood will be shed and new blood will arise, but the price is not always what you might think. Everything has a price, and in the Age of Secession that price is paid in money tainted red.

#9 : Oncoming Storm - Part I : Ascent of Mars

The Causeway; what it is, no-one outside of the Third Empire knows for sure. Even the majority of the Shadows who operate within the Third Empire know little of what is intended to do. All that is certain, is that it was born from the fevered insanity of the Third, Shadow Emperor, and in his damaged, splintering mind it will change the course of the Age of Secession once again.

#10 : Darkness of Mars - Part II : Ascent of Mars

“Let me tell you the story of the Darkness of Mars, the time during the start of the Age of Secession when one of the greatest crimes against humanity was committed. This was the time when the majesty of the Sol System was reduced to nothing but ashes, the blood flowed freely and everywhere, borgite and humanist hated each other and fought to the death, and greedy men and women sought thrones to salve their own egos and self-importance, seeing power as a right rather than a responsibility. And it was all in the name of this planet – Mars.”

#11 : Rise of the Diadochi - Part III : Ascent of Mars

"Do not become so successful, that you fall into that trap that all the Emperors in history do time and time again. Absolutely any time that power and success can corrupt anyone …..”


“Absolute power will corrupt everyone successfully, every time,” James Gavain completed the saying, quietly.

#12 : Ascent of Mars Trilogy - Full Compilation : Ascent of Mars

This compilation book contains all three novels in the Ascent of Mars trilogy.

1: The Causeway; what it is, no-one outside of the Third Empire knows for sure. 

2: “Let me tell you the story of the Darkness of Mars, the time during the start of the Age of Secession when one of the greatest crimes against humanity was committed."

3: This is the story of the Diadochi, the successors to the Emperors of Mars, and the families that fight for that old title.

#13 : The Unchained

Jebediah Lockwood is an augmented borgite born free to an agricultural family on a world in the deep south of the galaxy. His happy childhood is destroyed when - just as the insurgency against the False Emperor is having its success on distant Mars - the humanists come to his homeworld. 

#14 : Pay Dirt: Dishonest Intentions

Iain Briggs is a con-man, along with friends Dominic Gaiman and Marin Todor. They have moved from trick to trick, from planet to star system to intergalactic House since the Red Empire of Mars fell, each scam being bigger than the last.

This is the biggest job of all, and if any of them are to escape with their lives .....

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jpg - Amazon - AugGen.jpg
#15 : Augmented Genocide

“They are different than us”.


Those words have echoed throughout time as an excuse for senseless hatred. In the Age of Secession, none of those hatreds are bigger than the antagonism between the unaugmented and the augmented, a senseless disgust borne from the most basic cause for man to turn on himself; fear of the different.

#16: The Lost Kindred: Genesis

Due 2020 - imminently!

#17: The Lost Kindred: Armageddon

Due 2020 - following shortly after Genesis!

#18: [A surprise]

Due 2020 - a surprise is coming ......

#19: Adare's Legacy: Kingdom of Blood

Due 2020/21 (to be confirmed later in year)

#20: Collective Misdirection

Due 2020/21 (to be confirmed later in year)

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