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Book #13 : The Unchained

Under Imperial Law, slavery in any form has never been illegal. It has always been left to the Houses that ruled the stars to decide for themselves whether they would allow fellow man to be enslaved to another, it being a matter for House Law.


Jebediah Lockwood is an augmented borgite born free to an agricultural family on a world in the deep south of the galaxy. His happy childhood is destroyed when - just as the insurgency against the False Emperor is having its success on distant Mars - the humanists come to his homeworld.  So begins a chain of events as seemingly inexorable and unbreakable as the slavery he finds himself living his life within.


In the galactic east a new sport is gaining traction in the chaos following the start of the Age of Secession. It is perfect for a person like Jebediah and those he comes to travel with, those freed from slavery who know how to pilot walkers and have nothing to lose any more.


The Gladiator Games are as vicious as those who fight within them, with death just as likely as victory. They are fighting for high purses if they win, but with equally high stakes if they lose. Jebediah’s prize will be the money to buy his sister’s freedom, a freedom she may not want.


They are free to fight and free to die.


They are the Unchained.

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