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Book #6 - Blood Feud.... other releases, and an apology

Well, someone’s been a bit busy …….

Book #6 – Blood Feud, the second in the Blood Money Trilogy, is due for release on Sunday the 12th of April, 2015.

It will be available through Amazon only, through Kindle. You can download for free if you have Amazon Prime, or buy wherever in the world you are.

In May, the paperbook version of book #5 – Crying Moon, will be released in paperback.

In June/July, Book #5 – Crying Moon, will be released on all other platforms. Apologies for the delay, and sorry to those people who I may have indicated otherwise to, but the scheduling is a bit messed up on this one – however, there is a specific legal reason as to why the launch on other platforms must be delayed. Sorry! :-(

In August, Book #6 – Blood Feud, will be available on all other platforms and e-readers, as well as released in paperback.

In September/October, Book #7 – Cost of the Hunt, is provisionally penciled in for release on Amazon, with December/January as the likely date for release in paperback and on other e-reader platforms.

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