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Rise of the Diadochi - and happy new year!

Firstly .... Happy new year! May 2017 be a good one for you!

In the world of Age of Secession, its going to be a good year indeed, particularly with the news that Rise of the Diadochi is ready, and will be released in just a couple of months .........

Yes, that's right - coming on the 31st March 2017, the last and third in the trilogy of Ascent of Mars, is released!

The rest of 2017 will bring a number of different things as well though, with more content released on this website (so stay tuned) and three to four book releases during the year. The trilogies are coming to an end - for a while, at least - but both "The Unchained" and "Pay Dirt : Dishonest Intentions" are pencilled in for release as well.

So, here's to 2017 - and the Age of Secession.

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