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Delay in Writing - Heart Attack

Hello Everybody,

Apologies for the delay in writing. There's been a lot going on, not just in the Age of Secession with Augmented Genocide nearly ready for release and Lost Kindred heavily underway, a new series covering Abandoned Gods being planned (pure fantasy, y'know) ... but also in some rather unfortunate news, please see the below copied from my own facebook page .......

" Was on way to pride on Saturday, felt ill, got off train and tried to go back. Having a heart attack was not how I thought it would be. No or very little pain. Didn't even realise it was my heart at first thought it was stomach. Must have had several over the two or three hours before finally arrived in theatre, or at least full out collapsed twice at any rate. Refused to go to hospital and even accept ambulance at first off some passersby I collapsed in front of. My own stubbornness almost killed me. My partner Jason very literally saved my life, by calling the ambulance which eventually took me to hospital. When they told me I'd had heart attack(s) - after the emergency angioplasty - finally sunk in what had happened as you get to watch replay on a video screen lol as they get heart working again. I said yesterday to a nurse "I don't know why, keep falling asleep and finding it difficult to do anything, not like me" and he laughed and said very gently, "sir, you had a heart attack and could have died just yesterday, so take it easy and don't expect too much". I have been laughing and joking though all the same, would even say am bit more like old me which has been missing with the horrible year we having. It's amazing to be alive and once again in my life, I know I should be dead. "

I have had a bit of a journey recently, to say the least. As ever though, normal service will be resumed (never give up!)

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