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Book #10 : Darkness of Mars

“Let me tell you the story of the Darkness of Mars, the time during the start of the Age of Secession when one of the greatest crimes against humanity was committed. This was the time when the majesty of the Sol System was reduced to nothing but ashes, the blood flowed freely and everywhere, borgite and humanist hated each other and fought to the death, and greedy men and women sought thrones to salve their own egos and self-importance, seeing power as a right rather than a responsibility. And it was all in the name of this planet – Mars.”


The Age of Secession takes a much darker turn, continuing with the House Lords and Ladies vying against each other, trying to build something new out of the ruins of what came before. The Red Empire of Mars has dissolved in a storm of blood, but its legacy lives on; old and new powers are rising from the darkest of places.


The secret of the Causeway is revealed, and the storm has broken. The Mercenary Lord James Gavain alone dares to hope that he can bring new light to atone for his failure. It is the Third Emperor’s successors who smile and laugh, thinking they have won, and they hold the key to the rest of the galaxy in their grasp.

Once more the Red Planet becomes the symbol of success, the jewel in the crown of the victor.

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