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Book #3: Vindicator Trilogy Part III -



The Lord James Gavain has surprised the galaxy with his actions, and is seen very much as a hero. He attempts to build a new nation and a better future, taking in refugees from the many battles and wars throughout the seceding Houses, trading on the mercenary ability of his comrades and what appears to be the advanced technology he has recovered, yet he finds that there is a limit to how honourable one can be and still rule a post-Imperial House.


Beset by enemies jealous of his avarice, engaging in the murderous politics of the Levitican Union, he struggles to discover the truth behind the mysterious masters of the Rosicrux. They are about to emerge from the shadows explosively, and in the process, the galaxy will once again feel the wrath of a threat it thought had disappeared for good. The Shadow has arrived, and what he intends for the people of the galaxy is far worse than any of his predecessors visited upon mankind.


Gavain is a changed man, but he is about to face yet another life-altering challenge. Ultimately, it is a dire choice. Does he intercede and fight a monster with equally evil and heinous methods, or does he take the moral and ethical approach, and watch his attempt to halt the shadow casting itself over the galaxy fail. Whatever the choice is, it will cost him, and he will never be the same again.

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