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Borgite slaves come in many forms. Many borgs are captured in raids, or stolen by slavers, or taken as prizes during House wars and then the the Age of Secession.


However, most borg slaves are grown especially for the purpose of being enslaved, and there tend to be similar models produced. This is due in large part to the influence of the humanist rulers before the Imperium rose into being.


Some of the models are :


Tassalecta – Experienced workers, capable of operating heavy machinery and vehicles up to walkers. Very intelligent.

Yaheduin – Tend to be more supervisors or minor team leaders. Quite often have cruel streaks.

Moberon – Phyiscally strong, bred for being workhorses. Low intelligence.

Aeronamica – Space-workers, lithe, good in low gravity

Fharon – Equivalent to mid-level management, organisers, planners.

Lintonners – Fast, able, agile, tend towards jobs where speed is more important than strength

Graveliban – Military support workers, in battlefields, auxiliaries

Nassude – Workers providing morally dubious pleasures.

Efferanba – Workers providing delicate, precise, work (such as design on works of art)

Servitoranta – Workers providing menial, but individual, tasks to specified people

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