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The class system was first instituted and brought about by the True Emperor’s father, as a way of controlling and managing his citizenry, and rewarding those who were most loyal to him. In the early days of struggle, rewarding those who contributed the most cemented the True Emperor’s father’s position. The True Emperor was the one, who in his first Imperial Edict, ratified the structure and formalised it. It has now been in operation for more than two centuries, and is a firm part of the mindset of the colonised galaxy.


The Imperial class structure is therefore just one of the many formalised structures which has survived the Dissolution of the Red Empire. The alpha-class are the highest and the richest, with then the still-rich and social winners of the beta-class, the vast and most common gamma-class, and then the lowly delta-class. The epsilon-class, the ‘undesirables’, make up the prison population and criminal fraternity, the people transiting through the nation concerned, or were the borgs in a humanist nation, or the humans in a borgite nation. In many Houses and throughout the old Red Imperium, the class someone was placed in affected much more than just tax, being an indicator of quality of life and all sorts of additional benefits from advantages in law, to birthing options, to education and even health-care. The richest paid the most towards the state, and accordingly got the most benefits back.


Alpha Class The nobles, the House Lords and Ladies, and their minor House nobles, Solar Chancellors, etc and some VIPs


Beta Class – Rich senior management types, important service workers, etc.


Gamma Class – The worker population, but still with better social rights


Delta Class – low-level class, not high contributors, fewer rights, common class


Epsilon Class – Convicted prisoners, criminals, illegals, etc. – also slaves, and sometimes borgs if humanist nation, or humans if borg nation

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