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Book #12 : Ascent of Mars

This compilation book contains all three novels in the Ascent of Mars trilogy.



Part I – Oncoming Storm

The Causeway; what it is, no-one outside of the Third Empire knows for sure. Even the majority of the Shadows who operate within the Third Empire know little of what is intended to do. All that is certain, is that it was born from the fevered insanity of the Third, Shadow Emperor, and in his damaged, splintering mind it will change the course of the Age of Secession once again.



Part II – Darkness of Mars

“Let me tell you the story of the Darkness of Mars, the time during the start of the Age of Secession when one of the greatest crimes against humanity was committed. This was the time when the majesty of the Sol System was reduced to nothing but ashes, the blood flowed freely and everywhere, borgite and humanist hated each other and fought to the death, and greedy men and women sought thrones to salve their own egos and self-importance, seeing power as a right rather than a responsibility. And it was all in the name of this planet – Mars.”



Part III - Rise of the Diadochi

This is the story of the Diadochi, the successors to the Emperors of Mars, and the families that fight for that old title. They would be the new Emperors of the Age of Secession, because in a tired and weary galaxy, the secessionists have finally given birth to their new masters.

ascent of mars
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