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Book #15 : Augmented Genocide

“They are different than us”.


Those words have echoed throughout time as an excuse for senseless hatred. In the Age of Secession, none of those hatreds are bigger than the antagonism between the unaugmented and the augmented, a senseless disgust borne from the most basic cause for man to turn on himself; fear of the different.


The Zhou-Zheng Compact is one of the new states, an alliance of two noble Houses, extremist humanists with their unmitigated loathing of anyone who has had their body altered using borgite technology. Many Houses come to fall before their onslaught, including the borgite House Erdogan.


As billions of Erdogan refugees escape to the protection of the Mercenary Lord, back at home the Zhou-Zheng Compact have opened their deathcamps and are slowly exterminating their conquered people simply because they are different. They continued their lethal genocide unchecked against more and more borgite-dominated worlds and Houses, and for a while it seemed nothing could stop them.


Not all Erdogans intend to bear this suffering in silence.


Not all Erdogans will simply let their people die.


This is the story of those who fought - against the Genocide of  the


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