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The idea behind the Age of Secession series is that you can read them in (almost) any order - read the trilogies or mini-series as you want, or read them in numbered release order - its your choice!
The Unchained

Jebediah Lockwood is an augmented borgite born free to an agricultural family on a world in the deep south of the galaxy. His happy childhood is destroyed when - just as the insurgency against the False Emperor is having its success on distant Mars - the humanists come to his homeworld. 

#14 : Pay Dirt: Dishonest Intentions

Iain Briggs is a con-man, along with friends Dominic Gaiman and Marin Todor. They have moved from trick to trick, from planet to star system to intergalactic House since the Red Empire of Mars fell, each scam being bigger than the last.

This is the biggest job of all, and if any of them are to escape with their lives .....

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#15 : Augmented Genocide

“They are different than us”.


Those words have echoed throughout time as an excuse for senseless hatred. In the Age of Secession, none of those hatreds are bigger than the antagonism between the unaugmented and the augmented, a senseless disgust borne from the most basic cause for man to turn on himself; fear of the different.

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