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Book #11 : Rise of the Diadochi

“Do not become so successful, that you fall into that trap that all the Emperors in history do time and time again. Absolutely any time that power and success can corrupt anyone …..”


“Absolute power will corrupt everyone successfully, every time,” James Gavain completed the saying, quietly.



This is the story of the Diadochi, the successors to the Emperors of Mars, and the families that fight for that old title. They would be the new Emperors of the Age of Secession, because in a tired and weary galaxy, the secessionists have finally given birth to their new masters.


One is an Emperor born inside the Shadow; something new and of the devil lurks in his soul, standing far too close to him. One is an Emperor born from the Shadow; he wants freedom, and his hybrid people shall have that liberty, even at the cost of everyone else’s.


And one is an Emperor born outside of the Shadow; a man who did not want the title at all. It goes against everything  he  fought  for,   but  in  order  to  save  his poisoned family, he will have to accept the position and become the thing he hated most of all.

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