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Book #9 : Oncoming Storm


The Causeway; what it is, no-one outside of the Third Empire knows for sure. Even the majority of the Shadows who operate within the Third Empire know little of what is intended to do. All that is certain, is that it was born from the fevered insanity of the Third, Shadow Emperor, and in his damaged, splintering mind it will change the course of the Age of Secession once again.

Mercenary Lord James Gavain, fighting to keep his new nation together, does not trust that all is it what it seems. He watches the Third Emperor send his forces ever northwards through the colonised galaxy, knowing that this is only the prelude to what is to come, and wonders what clue in the puzzle he is missing.

The alien-human hybrids are not entirely as subservient as they appear to be. The Truce is under threat, with Vindicatus operations in the east about to be uncovered. Two Faceless Assassins seek the blood of the Emperor. The Levitican Union elects its new leader, and Lady Sophia is about to discover the poisons held close to her chest. In the south, the conflict between three great nations is about to ignite, seemingly unconnected to what happens in the east and north.

Everyone can see the oncoming storm, but they just do not know where or how it will break.

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