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Book #8: Blood Money Trilogy  -

Full Compilation


The Battle for Mars was just the beginning, and not the end. As Mars looks reproachfully upon the galaxy that tears itself apart in its name, another claims the title of Emperor, and he will see that humanity turns upon itself in an orgy of violence and bloodshed. The stars will run as red as the planet in whose name they are burned.


The Age of Secession has begun.


The Blood Money Trilogy follows the story of a spy from the Red Empire desperate to unite a family forced to deny their existence; an assassin with no face to call his own; and a bounty hunter who has spent a lifetime ignoring the greatest hunt of all. In the name of money, family, and power old blood will be shed and new blood will arise, but the price is not always what you might think. Everything has a price, and in the Age of Secession that price is paid in money tainted red.

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