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Book #7: Blood Money Trilogy Part III -

Cost of the Hunt


A bounty hunter with a long, deep past interwoven with that of the Red Empire of Mars and its many challengers dares to dream that he can have his birth-right after centuries of denial. He accepts the contract, and will lead the hunt, looking for something only he could ever find. His payment will be the return of some of what the True Emperor took from him.


A Faceless Assassin wishes to bring an end to the person it blames for its very existence, but it needs help. It has prepared, and in its own personal hunt for vengeance, salvation and saviour, no cost or price will be too high to pay.


The would-be Third Emperor of Mars turns his paranoid, power-hungry eyes to new lands, and sets in motion the plans to achieve his goal of bringing the Empire of Mars one step closer to reality. He hunts for power, control, and dominion of all.


The Hunt is beginning, and in many senses it began over two hundred years ago.


Are they ready to pay the cost of the hunt?

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