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The idea behind the Age of Secession series is that you can read them in (almost) any order - read the trilogies or mini-series as you want, or read them in numbered release order - its your choice!
Blood Money Trilogy - Part I : Crying Moon


The Tears of the Moon are weapons of destruction, capable of turning entire planets into tombs. A very dangerous man by the name of Mason Duboise knows of them, and as a former Imperial Intelligence and StarCom double agent, Mason is no stranger to duplicity. In the wrong social class, he has wept his own tears as he was forced to deny his son and his wife by the laws of the Red Empire of Mars.

Blood Money Trilogy - Part II : Blood Feud


As the Red Empire of Mars collapsed into Dissolution, it was not just the corrupt and devious Houses that flourished in the sudden vacuum of power. The underworld strengthened their grip all throughout the colonised galaxy, taking advantage of the corruption of Imperial Law. Criminal gangs fighting for territory inevitably begin to cross boundaries. Some parts of the galaxy are just too small for them all to co-exist.

Blood Money Trilogy - Part III : Cost of the Hunt

A bounty hunter with a long, deep past interwoven with that of the Red Empire of Mars and its many challengers dares to dream that he can have his birth-right after centuries of denial. He accepts the contract, and will lead the hunt, looking for something only he could ever find. His payment will be the return of some of what the True Emperor took from him.

Blood Money Trilogy - Full Compilation : Blood Money

The Blood Money Trilogy follows the story of a spy from the Red Empire desperate to unite a family forced to deny their existence; an assassin with no face to call his own; and a bounty hunter who has spent a lifetime ignoring the greatest hunt of all. In the name of money, family, and power old blood will be shed and new blood will arise, but the price is not always what you might think. Everything has a price, and in the Age of Secession that price is paid in money tainted red.

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