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There are a number of Arenas that have been built by the Vanquise, all broadcasting to the colonised galaxy from their chosen systems for the Gladiator Games within their territory, but some of the most famous are :


Satan’s Pit : a hellworld arena, with normal gravity but significantly adverse weather conditions and high temperature Vanquista Segundo

The Oubliette : a small and very compact arena, with very confined operating areas but on multiple levels, Vanquista Tercero

Manufactories of Zeimans : a heavily industrialised arena, battlescarred and worn

Antarctica Moon : based on an entire but small ice moon, with low gravity and no atmosphere. Semi-frozen rivers of ice liquid.

Jungles of Azamerron : a huge, hot, jungle world, with several arenas on the Azamerron continent.

Zaharran Desert : a sandy world, with numerous traps

Rocky Mountains : based on an Arena from the old games, wildly popular, on Parowa Czwarty

Jacknife’s Legacy : based on a nuclear-blasted continent

The Danse Macabre : based on a fictional quarantined world, or deathworld

The Great Colosseum – oval arena, nowhere to hide, brutal slugfest matches. Vanquista Quito.

Dragonsteeth Canyons – based on canyons with large croppings of rock on edges (dragonsteeth appears on 10,451 worlds)

Seas of Lament – underwater arena based entirely within a sea, on Parowa Czwarty

Beachhead – A medium sized arena, based on a long beach across an island, with the sand leading to a forest, in Goldsmyth System, and a river which widens to split the island in two

Ninth Circle – another hellworld arena, but with some significant differences

Gorechamber – a small arena, predominantly on one level, but long. Manouverability is considerably limited.

Destruction of Caltath – A partially destroyed megacity, fallen in the emergence of the Droid Intelligentia

Fall of Paradisia – An untouched megacity just before it was destroyed, with a big river through the middle of it

Martian Lord’s Loss – Siege of a major city, reference to the Martian Lord, outbreak of the Droid Intelligentia

The Delta – a large arena across a river delta, generic

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