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The idea behind the Age of Secession series is that you can read them in (almost) any order - read the trilogies or mini-series as you want, or read them in numbered release order - its your choice!
Vindicator Trilogy - Part I : Dissolution

Commander James Gavain has inherited command of his own ship, and into the maelstrom of the Dissolution of the Praetorian Guard he struggles to find a new future for his people. Lost and wondering where he is to go, and what he is to do, he is just one of many genetically-engineered creations who find they have destroyed their own reason for existence.

Vindicator Trilogy - Part II : Rosicrux


As pirates swamp the Eastern Segment, preying on the weak, a pattern begins to emerge. All is not as it seems. Whilst his ships engage on a contract which plunges the mercenary company into a conspiracy far deeper than could be imagined, Ulrik Andryukhin leads the marines on a ground campaign which exposes the darker side of humanity – intolerance for anything that is different. The old enmity between the augmented and the unaugmented is running strong, and genocide is the preferred solution.

Vindicator Trilogy - Part III : Shadow


The Lord James Gavain has surprised the galaxy with his actions, and is seen very much as a hero. He attempts to build a new nation and a better future, taking in refugees from the many battles and wars throughout the seceding Houses, trading on the mercenary ability of his comrades and what appears to be the advanced technology he has recovered, yet he finds that there is a limit to how honourable one can be and still rule a post-Imperial House.

Vindicator Trilogy - Full Compilation : Vindicator


This compilation book contains the first three books in the Age of Secession series, within the Vindicator Trilogy, in full and unabridged. This brings together the novels Dissolution, Rosicrux and Shadow, telling the full story of James Gavain and his Vindicator Mercenary Corporation.

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