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Age of Secession in 2016

The Age of Secession in 2016 continues with some old and some new .... Lord Gavain made a return in Cost of the Hunt, but takes centre-stage again with new trilogy which starts coming out in the second-half of 2016, the “Ascent of Mars”. But what about the first half of 2016?

For those who want to be in the know ….

Throughout 2016 : The new website at has launched, and new content will be posted, so check it out regularly and also add @RogerRuffles on twitter if you want information on new releases and information.

February/March 2016 : the new covers are released for all the books, including the first sight of Book #8 – the Blood Money Trilogy, going on sale in March. So if you want to buy the books with the old covers, we suggest you do so now before they disappear from sale!

April 2016 : Book #8 – The Blood Money Trilogy is released on all platforms and in paperback.

May 2016 : The first real detail and information on the full Ascent of Mars trilogy will be released … including release dates, and views of covers and maybe even the back-covers too.

June 2016 : The exact launch-date for the first book in the Ascent of Mars trilogy - and book #9 in the Age of Secession series, Oncoming Storm – will be revealed, for the beginning of July.

July 2016 : Book #9 - Oncoming Storm, is released.

Rest of 2016 : The second and third book launch-dates will be confirmed.


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