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The Lost Kindred ... Genesis and Armageddon

Hello there.

Well, the world seems to have gone a bit mad, but as we're probably all a bit of tired of real-world events, we do need a bit of escapism now and then.

Having recovered from heart attack (fingers crossed!) I spent the intervening time between then and now enlarging and finishing The Lost Kindred. The book got so big, in fact, that there was no choice but to turn it into two!

Some goods news then, in that when before it was expected there would only be one book, you've now got two on the way. Covering 200 years - technically 400 years if that's not giving anything away - both before, during and after the Age of Secession, the Lost Kindred tells a tale of different societies and civilisations meeting, betrayal - as you'd expect - and loyalty ... oh yes, and aliens and time travel too just for good measure.

Be careful when you walk in the forest, is all that can be said.

Lost Kindred Book I: Genesis, and Lost Kindred Book II: Armageddon, are just being reviewed and prepared for a (slightly) staggered publication.

Stay safe and well ... and get ready for another journey into the Age of Secession.

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